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At Smart Factoring, our dedicated team of experts is here to support your financial goals and provide you with the best factoring solutions. Get to know the professionals who make it all happen and discover their passion for helping businesses like yours succeed.

Silvia Mladenova

Silvia knows how to identify and foster the inherent potential within a business. Her perceptive observations originate from an impressive portfolio of professional experience along with a profound knowledge of Bulgaria's financial sector. For over eighteen years, she has occupied diverse roles, with a primary focus on leadership, in some of the most distinguished banking institutions. Within these capacities, she had thoroughly examined, detected and appraised credit risks delivering savvy risk mitigation strategies tailored for businesses of all scales, from ambitious startups to mature companies. At Smart Factoring, Silvia leverages her proven acumen in launching and guiding new projects towards robust growth. Her risk management expertise and prompt initiation of proactive measures as required, secure both clients’ and company’s interests.

Elitsa Kostova-Nikova

Highly esteemed Bulgarian and international banking institutions have sharpened Elitsa's competence over the past 15 years. Her professional journey kick-started with an internship. Today, she stands as a financial luminary with a wealth of extensive knowledge, credible experience, and noteworthy career highlights. Elitsa is a detail-oriented professional with a visionary outlook and refined ability to spot emerging trends and provide incisive assessments. At Smart Factoring, Elitsa oversees and validates budgeting, forecasting, and crafting financial reports. She also navigates management of digital financial resources within the company.

Tihomir Tihomirov
Sales Manager

Gifted with a keen business instinct and leadership competence, Tihomir serves as our authority in terms of sales and market development. He holds a remarkable comprehension of all the benefits factoring services can offer and stands ready to reinforce the financial stability of your business. His expert approach is built on experience gained in one of Bulgaria's leading factoring companies. Tihomir considers that outstanding customer service comes along with a solid understanding of each business's goals and needs. This awareness empowers him to put forward tailor-made solutions that meet and exceed initial expectations. Tihomir believes that nurturing mutual trust between parties is a vital component of success. Blending trust and professional expertise cultivates sustainable relationships with clients and business partners.

Christopher Christov
Legal Counsel

Chris's professional focus is on corporate and commercial law. His professional trajectory is marked by successful management of complex projects and transactions. Chris’s area of expertise not only includes banking regulations but also spans significant sectors like corporate mergers and acquisitions, real estate, and development, along with TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecommunications). Chris's broad legal perspective on banking and regulatory matters establishes him as an indispensable asset in navigating legal obstacles. This perception also grants him a significant business advantage in offering strategic advice to clients searching for smart solutions in the financial sector.

Velichko Dobrev
Data Protection Officer

Velichko is a highly qualified professional with a strong regulatory background. He holds a Master's degree in EU Law from the prestigious Paris 1 Sorbonne University, complemented by a degree in International Commercial Law from Paris 10 University. With over 12 years of extensive experience in international legal and regulatory compliance, Velichko has demonstrated expertise in various areas related to the protection of Personal Data. Notably, he has been serving as the YNV group's dedicated Data Protection Officer since 2021.

Elisaveta Bilyarska
Marketing Manager

Elisaveta has an extensive experience in marketing and advertising. She is a passionate marketer with an academic background in Mass Communication and PR. Her professional journey spans both the banking and real estate sectors. Elisaveta earned her BSc in Cultural Studies from Sofia University and followed it up with an MA in Public Relations. Curious by nature, Elisaveta believes that it is vital to have an insatiable desire to grow, an immutable thirst for knowledge and an ambition to master any craft. Joining the highly motivated and expert team at Smart Factoring signifies the beginning of an exciting adventure for her. She is confident that the collective drive and expertise of this team promise growth and innovation.

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