How Factoring Works

Factoring is a modern and flexible financial solution designed to help businesses access working capital from their sales without the need for additional collateral. By leveraging factoring services, companies can boost their financial stability, accelerate growth, and achieve greater success.

A Win-Win for Businesses and Clients

Smart Factoring specializes in purchasing accounts receivable (invoices) at a discount, providing businesses with immediate cash flow and a comprehensive range of benefits. Our services extend beyond financing to include credit risk protection, accounts receivable management, and collection assistance. By choosing Smart Factoring as your financial partner, you gain access to tailored solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Elevate Your Financial Game

Our factoring services enable companies to address working capital challenges by offering competitive financing options with minimal restrictions. Partnering with Smart Factoring means gaining access to flexible funding solutions that stimulate production, job creation, and overall economic development. Discover the advantages of choosing us as your trusted financial partner.

Adaptability in Changing Economic Landscapes

Smart Factoring stands out as a factoring provider due to our agile balance sheet structure. This adaptability allows us to quickly respond to economic shifts by efficiently scaling our balance sheets. With a watchful eye on our clients' businesses, we proactively detect early signs of economic changes, ensuring we navigate them together effectively.

Quick Access to Capital

Our streamlined factoring process involves the assignment of receivables, transferring invoice ownership from the seller to Smart Factoring. Upon assignment, we typically provide the seller with 80-90% of the invoice value, ensuring quick access to capital. The remaining balance is paid upon invoice settlement.

Benefits of Smart Factoring

Experience the remarkable advantages of our modern and flexible financial solution, specifically designed to assist businesses in accessing working capital, improving cash flow, and achieving sustainable growth. Discover how Smart Factoring can revolutionize your financial landscape with our tailored services.

Improved Cash Flow and Flexible Financing

Get immediate access to working capital by selling your accounts receivable at a discount, boosting liquidity, and enabling business growth with financing that adapts to your sales volume.

Credit Risk Protection and Bad Debt Elimination

Safeguard your business against non-payment or default by clients and protect against the adverse effects of bad debt, ensuring financial stability and peace of mind.

Outsourced Administration and Sales Relationships

Save time and effort by outsourcing labor-intensive tasks such as collections and sales ledger management while separating sales relationships from collection activities.

Enhanced Borrowing Potential

Access higher financing levels without the need for additional collateral, giving your business the financial flexibility to grow and thrive.

Seamless Business Growth

Benefit from a financial solution that doesn't appear as debt on your balance sheet, preserving access to traditional funding sources and enabling smooth expansion.

Access to New Markets

Expand your business into new territories confidently, knowing Smart Factoring provides credit protection for domestic and international transactions.


Experience the remarkable benefits of our modern and flexible financial solutions, meticulously designed to assist businesses in accessing working capital, improving cash flow, and achieving sustainable growth. Discover how Smart Factoring can revolutionize your financial landscape with our tailored services.

Domestic Factoring
with Recourse

Experience the power of flexible financial solutions designed specifically for supplier companies. At Smart Factoring, we address your working capital needs by leveraging short-term receivables from domestic debtors, all without the requirement of additional collateral. Discover how our tailored approach can provide the financial support you need to thrive.

Explore Domestic Factoring Options
Domestic Factoring
without Recourse

Discover the empowering financial solutions by Smart Factoring, designed to help seller companies manage credit risk in sales to local clients effectively. Our services include risk coverage, unsecured receivables financing, and comprehensive collection and administration of receivables. Experience the benefits of our tailored approach to enhance your financial stability and growth.

Uncover Risk-Free Solutions
Export Factoring
without Recourse

Access financial instruments designed for export companies on deferred payment terms, offering credit risk protection, uncollateralized receivables financing, efficient administration and collection, and legal representation opportunities abroad.

Dive into Export Financing
Factoring Invoice

Benefit from a comprehensive financial solution that offers one-time financing of up to 90% of a single invoice, efficient collection and administration of receivables, and no additional collateral requirements.

Boost Your Cash Flow Now

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